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Core Beliefs


Core values are those characteristics of the church that make us distinctive from other Christian churches. These differences do not infer that we are better, but only that we have different methods and practices. We share a core of beliefs on all major doctrines with most evangelical Christian churches (see Statement of Faith). Where we differ is in the outworking of our worship, structure and methods.

The Great Commission

At Coulee Rock we believe that the primary purpose of the church is to preach the gospel, baptize, teach and make disciples. Our work is winning people to Christ and then building them up in the faith.

Small Groups

Small meetings are of primary importance in the church. Small groups provide the nurturing environment for fellowship, caring, discussion, prayer and leadership development. We do not maintain a heavy schedule of church-wide meetings during the week so that people are free to meet in small groups.

Character Development

We stress that each individual grow to their full maturity in Christ and develop strong personal character. Maturity in the Christian life equals obedience rather than knowledge. Christ’s followers must practice the truths in God’s word and not just accumulate Bible knowledge.

Strong Families

We realize the absolute importance of strong families. Children are seen as a gift from the Lord and not a hindrance to our lives. Healthy marital relationships are stressed and parents are trained and helped to know how to keep their children under control. The home is the primary training ground for leadership in the church.

Local Leadership

At Coulee Rock, church leadership and pastoral care is raised up from within the church. Apprenticeship type of “on the job” training over many years of time is used to develop future church leaders. Leadership is demonstrated by faithfulness, service, commitment, depth of character and guidance given in the family and in the home. We practice a plurality of Pastor Elders as well as have a Deacon Board and many volunteer ministry leaders all playing roles in church decision making and leadership. 

Financial Faithfulness

The faithful use of money is absolutely essential in the life of the believer. Financial faithfulness includes budgeting, giving and saving. Members are taught to manage the resources that God has graciously entrusted to us. We believe and teach that the tithe (10% of our income) is the minimum that God desires from each believer. Yet while teaching this standard, we do not use pressure tactics or “arm twisting” techniques to manipulate people to give.

Church-wide Ministry

The church is organized and functions based on the spiritual gifts and talents of its members. Each member’s contribution of time and talent is vital to the outworking of the ministry of the church. The church’s paid staff and recognized leaders are hired to train and enable the members of the church to carry out the ministry. They are not just professionals who do the work, but equip the members to do the work.


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