New Series: If God, Then...

​Hey Coulee Rock! I hope you've had a great week and have been able to enjoy spring now that its here! Last night our family took a field trip to a local greenhouse to buy a bunch of flowers and vegetables. It was a lot of fun! This Sunday we have the opportunity to gather for worship, fellowship, teaching and communion. Nate Vannatta will begin a new series titled, "If God then...." On Sunday he will teach on the important question of Does God Exist?. We will also take communion together and remember what Christ did for each one of us. I also want to remind you that the pastors social is coming up on May 6th and the orientation on 5/19. Enjoy the weekend, Pastor La nce --


Greetings, Sandy and I spent the week in Lincoln NE with our son Ben and his family. We had to delay one day and drive 500 miles to get out of this snowy spring. This Sunday, Peter Steele will be with us again and will teach on the topic of being "All In" from a passage in 1 Peter 4. Thank you Peter for driving 7.5 hours to be with us. There is a College Connection meal after the service. I look forward to see you all this Sunday! Enjoy the SPRING-like weather! Pastor Dave --

Love Overcomes

Good Day Coulee Rock, We have an opportunity to serve this weekend and a time for fellowship/worship. Tomorrow morning we have a bunch of indoor and outdoor tasks around the building and grounds that need some definite attention. The "SPRING" work day runs from 8-12 but please feel free to stop by even if you only have an hour to give. Questions please contact Gino or Dave. On Sunday from 10-11am, Pastor Dave will continue his series on the Preeminence of Love and teach on "Overcoming the Racial Divide". Here is his brief preview summary: Racism, white privilege, rioting, diversity, affirmative action are all hot topics that our society is dealing with. How should we view these through a Bib

Easter! Love Lasts!

Hey Coulee Rock! Easter is nearly here and we have much reason to stop and consider why we celebrate Jesus's death and resurrection. During the Easter season, I often think about the movie, The Passion of the Christ, and the horrible death He suffered so that you and I could have eternal life. His acts of amazing love and laying down his life is, at times, hard to fully grasp. Speaking of love, Pastor Dave will be concluding his three week series on love this Sunday. He will be focusing on how love lasts and as a body we will also be taking communion and having some special music. I hope you can join us tomorrow @ 10am! Pastor Lance

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