Beginnings: The Tower & Languages

Greetings, This morning I was struck by the following verse in Mark: Mark 9:4 (ESV) “And there appeared to them Elijah with Moses, and they were talking with Jesus.” This situation encouraged me about the resurrection. Moses had died 1500 years before this and Elijah some 700 years. Here they were having a conversation with Jesus who was in His human body and living on the earth. It encourages me that 1) they were identifiable as themselves; 2) they were conversing with each other; and 3) they were understanding historical events because in Luke’s account they were discussing His upcoming passion and departure which both Moses and Elijah had previously went through. This truth gives me ass

Beginnings: The Flood & Judgement

Dear Coulee Rocker, I have been meditating this week on the passage (Psalm 73) that Rob Gerber last Sunday referenced in motivating him to get his right wrist tattooed. There were three key phrases that I camped on: You hold my right hand vs. 23 You guide me with your counsel vs. 24 It is good to be near God vs. 28 God is near to us every moment. The question is, “Are we cultivating our awareness of this truth?” Join us this Sunday as Rob continues our series in Genesis 7 & 8 with a look at the amazing description of the Great Flood that was judgment to a rebellious, violent and wicked world. I would also like encourage you to participate in the Outreach Tune-up starting this Tuesday July 17

Pray Together for Spiritual Renewal / Noah's Obedience

Greetings, July 4th has come and gone and the summer is half over. I hope that you are enjoying these warm months and finding ways to be refreshed. Sandy and I went to Riverfest on the 4th. The skies darkened with an impending storm. Sandy hailed a woman in a golf cart to bring us back to the car due to my inability to walk fast. Good thing because just as we got to the car a down pour with heavy wind started. We would have gotten soaked but God watched out for us. This Sunday July 8th, Rob Gerber from Cedarcreek in Eau Claire will be with us. He will join our summer series in Genesis by discussing the character of Noah in Genesis 6. The Steele family will be with us again this Sunday. They

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