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Dear Coulee Rocker, 1 Timothy 1:2 (ESV) “To Timothy, my true child in the faith: Grace, mercy, and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord.” When a person understands and believes grace and mercy, what results is peace. Peace in our souls is hard to come by. We easily remember our sins, our mistakes and our shortcomings. If we have forgotten these, it doesn’t take long before we commit something new. But God sees us differently in Christ. Because we are “in” Christ, God sees Christ’s perfection and sinlessness not our poor performance. This is grace! So, the challenge is to see ourselves as God sees us. When we do it brings peace to our hearts. May you find genuine, sweet, peac

United Into One

Good Day Coulee Rockers! Another week of cold, snow and ice, and the good news is that spring is coming! I'm recalling a few years back when we had 60's in mid February. A few things to note: - Parenting Tune-Up tomorrow from 8:30-3 @ the building > looking forward to spending time with Pastor Schelkoph and many of you! - Sunday Service with worship & marriage series (Hand in Hand) focus > awesome chance to learn about having a deeper marriage! - Children's Museum Night on 3/8 > Pizza, Fun, & Free...doesn't get much better than that! > Great opportunity to invite friends/neighbors/coworkers - Worship & Prayer Night on 3/10 > 4-530, childcare provided, save the date! Have a great weekend, Pas

United Into One

I’m so excited for this weekend…& not just because the forecast calls for temperatures in the 40s (although that doesn’t hurt). I’m excited to join together & worship our great Father! This week we’ll be starting a series exploring God’s design & insights for our marriages called “Hand-In-Hand, United Into One.” Apart from our relationship with God, there is no more important relationship than the one we share with our spouse. I’ve been blessed & challenged this week as God has directed my preparation. I trust God will speak to each of us this weekend, & our relationships will be strengthened & blessed. "God created marriage. No government subcommittee envisioned it. No social organization d

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