Freedom: A Call to Jesus

Coulee Rock Friends! What a week! It's been very full, fun, and exciting! Similarly, I'm really looking forward to sharing my journey with Jesus with you all this Sunday and next! It has been a tremendous journey of unlearning so that I can then relearn truths about who Jesus is as well as who I am in Him. There has been plenty of unknown steps as I've continued on this path, been plenty of challenges and lots of new found freedom in Him. On Sunday I will expose the twisted "truths" I've been believing. We also plan to do a special song as part of my message that I've related to a lot over the past couple of years. Lastly this Sunday is Sundae Sunday....please plan to stay afterwards for Ic

People of Acts: Apollos

Good Day Coulee Rock! I hope you've had a phenomenal week! I was reminded earlier about being thankful and looking at life through a positive/appreciative lens. Wow! We really do have it better than we deserve...and on many levels! Just take a moment to hit the pause button to consider that! This Sunday, Pastor Dave will be wrapping up our People of Acts summer series. I've thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the various men & women in Acts. Additionally on Sunday, you will also be able to register for our fall conference which is coming up in a few weeks. This is always a fantastic time to grow closer not only with Jesus, but also our fellow brothers and sisters at Coulee Rock. Speaking

People of Acts: Paul & A beautiful weekend to worship!

Hey Everyone, I hope you've been enjoying this incredible weather we've been having! This week my family borrowed a couple canoes (one from Dave & one from Lance, thanks men!) & took our kids out on a canoes/kayaks for the first time. What a blast! I love the serenity of the water. It reminds me of the peace God created for us! On Sunday we'll continue our series The People of Acts by looking at Paul. As we read through the book of Acts we see a major turning point in chapter 9 where Paul believes in Jesus Christ as his personal Lord & Savior. Prior to this, Acts has focused on how God was working through the Apostles to reach the Jewish people. After chapter 9 Acts pivots and quickly begins

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