What a week!

Hello People of the Rock, I read this quote this week " The only force that is contesting Satan's total rule in human affairs is the Church of the Living God." We are God's church. You & I, all of us as a family, are the church of the Living God. This thought gives me profound peace, strength & appreciation for each of you. Knowing we are in this together comforts & emboldens me. Thank you for being part of God's church. Thank you for contesting side-by-side, shoulder-to-shoulder, for the glory of Living God! (Thanks to Bob S. for recommending & lending me "Destined for the Throne" by Paul E. Billheimer where I read that quote) We have so much to be excited about this week. The Short Term Mi

At Last Series

Good Day Coulee Rock Friends! I hope you are having a sweet weekend and enjoying today! Earlier this week, I ran across a statement while visiting a friend's house. It majorly stood out to me because I have and continue to struggle with perfectionist thinking. Here it is......"Live by Grace, Not Perfection." I also wanted to invite you to join us tomorrow at 10am, as we continue our At Last series on marriage. I'm thankful that we have a loving Jesus that sincerely wants a super deep relationship with each of us first and foremost. He also wants us to have a wonderful and deep relationship with our spouse. In saying this, it's been my observation that He will push and challenge us to change,

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