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"If God,... then..." series continues & Welcome Peter!


This Sunday Nate Vannatta will share his 4th message in his series “If God, Then…” This week is extremely significant in that he will show how God has revealed Himself in the person of Jesus Christ. God took on a human body and came to earth to reveal Himself to us in a personal and understandable way. You won’t want to miss it!

I also have good news to share. Last night, Peter Steele had a meeting with the deacons and leaders at Harvest Community Church. They discussed releasing him to come and minister at Coulee Rock. The agreed that they would miss him but that God is leading in the matter. They feel confident that they can fill his roles and responsibilities with various people currently in the church. They gave their blessing for him and his family to come. The Steele Family anticipates moving to La Crosse in August. Peter is also going to be our fall conference speaker. It will be great to have additional church staff along with the fresh vision that they will bring. God is good to us and we look forward to a prosperous future of seeing lives transformed through Jesus.

See you Sunday!

Pastor Dave

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