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Summer is HERE! Summer series starts this week "Beginnings"

Dear Coulee Rocker,

Lance and I use this time to bring additional information to you that is another way of communicating besides the Sunday announcements:

First, I am excited about our new, summer long series in the Book of Genesis entitled "Beginnings". Genesis is foundational to understanding life, history and our faith.This week we will see the magnificent start of the Universe where we reside by the brilliance and creativity of our great Creator - the Lord Jesus Christ.

The following Saturday, June 9th, we are sponsoring a thrift sale at my house to raise money for the wonderful ministry to the poor in La Crosse - the Wafer food pantry. We can not raise any money if we don't have things to sell. You can do some spring cleaning and simplify your life and make a donation at the same time. I will have my trailer on Sunday. Lets fill it up.

I want to commend all of you who have given to the building fund over the past year. Your generosity has been exemplary. We have finished the commitment period June, 2017 to May, 2018. Thanks for supporting this effort. We love having the addition.

Pastor Dave


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