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Pray Together for Spiritual Renewal / Noah's Obedience


July 4th has come and gone and the summer is half over. I hope that you are enjoying these warm months and finding ways to be refreshed. Sandy and I went to Riverfest on the 4th. The skies darkened with an impending storm. Sandy hailed a woman in a golf cart to bring us back to the car due to my inability to walk fast. Good thing because just as we got to the car a down pour with heavy wind started. We would have gotten soaked but God watched out for us.

This Sunday July 8th, Rob Gerber from Cedarcreek in Eau Claire will be with us. He will join our summer series in Genesis by discussing the character of Noah in Genesis 6.

The Steele family will be with us again this Sunday. They are coming to La Crosse and are excited to go through the home that they bought in Holmen for the first time. We as a church are joining thousands of other churches across the nation to pray for our country.

Peter will lead us in this special time of prayer.

I hope to see you this Sunday!

Pastor Dave

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