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Beginnings: The Flood & Judgement

Dear Coulee Rocker,

I have been meditating this week on the passage (Psalm 73) that Rob Gerber last Sunday referenced in motivating him to get his right wrist tattooed. There were three key phrases that I camped on:

  • You hold my right hand vs. 23

  • You guide me with your counsel vs. 24

  • It is good to be near God vs. 28

God is near to us every moment. The question is, “Are we cultivating our awareness of this truth?”

Join us this Sunday as Rob continues our series in Genesis 7 & 8 with a look at the amazing description of the Great Flood that was judgment to a rebellious, violent and wicked world.

I would also like encourage you to participate in the Outreach Tune-up starting this Tuesday July 17th at 6:30 pm. The seminar will go for four Tuesdays in a row. We have arranged babysitting for your convenience.

If you are like me, I can get busy living out life and totally forget that all around me are people in pain, in trouble struggling and not knowing where to turn. All the while, I have in my heart the solution to their deepest needs – Jesus. The first two weeks I will deal with overcoming our fears in sharing with others. We will discuss what to say and how to say it. And we will go over in detail five key elements in helping a person to understand and respond to the gospel. Paul Runnoe will lead the class the last two weeks July 31st and Aug 7th showing us how to build relationship and use that as a springboard for the gospel. Don’t feel that you have to attend all the sessions to come. Each week will provide you valuable help. Please sign-up on Sunday so that we will know how much materials to make and for babysitting needs.

The Sunday July 15th after the service, Nate Vannatta is inviting you to stay and watch the finals match of the World Cup. We will be showing it in the main room. France vs. Croatia.

Pastor Dave

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