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Fall Focus: Changed Beliefs

Men & Women of the Rock!

The temperatures are dropping, the trees are turning & God’s creation is changing before our very eyes as the colors of fall are bursting on the scene…I love fall!

Speaking of changing, we’re continuing our fall series “Changed Into His Likeness” this weekend. Hopefully, you’ve been blessed by the manual for this series. I know It’s been sweet for me knowing our whole church family is reading, meditating on, and discussing the same passages in Scripture I am throughout the week. I’m excited to hear how He’s spoken to each of us through this study.

We’ll begin a food drive collecting Soup & Sides for the WAFER Food Pantry this Sunday. This is a wonderful opportunity to serve & share with our La Crosse county neighbors who need extra food to supplement their income. We will collect soup & sides for one month. Bring them to church & add them to the box in the welcome area. (Sides are items like rice, boxed potatoes, cans of ravioli etc.) “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.” (Matthew 20:28 - NLT)

Last Sunday Pastor Dave challenged us with this question: “What would you like written on your gravestone?” He then spurred our thoughts with his answer “He sought God & His Kingdom first!” How have you answered that question this week?

This Sunday we’ll continue the series talking about Changed Beliefs. We trust we’ll be challenged with more thought provoking questions to help our lives be molded into the likeness of Jesus Christ. Be sure to join us on Sunday at 10am.

God bless,



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