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We Are The Church - Worship

Hello People of the Rock!

I hope you've all had a fantastic week enjoying the love of God!

Last week we challenged ourselves, as a church, to individually invite 1-person to church each week through our 4-week series "We Are The Church" beginning this week. I'm excited to hear how a small step of obedience, like inviting someone to meet our God, has blessed each of us this week.

Here are a few tidbits you may be interested in for your calendar:

1. This will be the LAST Sunday we'll be collecting shoe-boxes for Operation Christmas Child. Our goal is to be able to bless 70 children with a free gift this Christmas!

2. December 1st is the Women's Christmas Tea from 1-4pm

3. December 2nd is the next early-bird deadline for Faithwalkers. This is always a highlight for my family & we're really looking forward to it this year! The theme is 'Before Cross' Sign up here:

4. December 2nd is also the Men's Event after the church (that's a really spiritual way of saying we're going to order pizza & watch the Packers!). Be sure to mark your calendars & join us for a fun time together.

5. December 8th is the Men's breakfast from 7-8am (no Packers; but still a good time)

6. December 16th we'll have the Children's Christmas Program. I've been hearing little snippets from my kids & it sounds like this should be a fantastic time. Be sure to mark you calendars as you don't want to miss this!

This week we'll be hunkering down in the Great Commandment (Luke 12:28-31) & looking at Worship & how it is a defining characteristic of followers of Jesus Christ as we begin our series "We Are The Church"

Looking forward to seeing you all at 10am this Sunday.

God bless,

Pastor Peter

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