Connecting with God through Prayer

Hello People of the Rock!

I am so excited for this Sunday! We’re kicking off our series on Prayer. There is no better way to begin a year than to stop & focus on the most important things in life. I believe being completely dependent on God, & living that dependence out through a vibrant prayer life is THE most important thing we can do. I’ve really enjoyed preparing the message this week & trust God will bless us as we gather as a family to draw near to Him!

A couple scheduling reminders:

  • After the service on Sunday we’ll have a meeting for anyone interested in learning more details or asking questions of the Board of Trustees on the church’s budget. Our hope is to be as open & transparent with the finances the Lord has entrusted Collee Rock with as possible.

  • Next Sunday (January 20th) we’ll have another Prayer & Worship Night from 4:00-5:30pm at the church. Childcare will be provided. Please join us for these sweet times of worshipping through music & prayer.

  • Men, don’t miss out on the ‘Men’s No Regrets’ conference on February 2nd. I’ve not been to one but I hear they are fantastic & you don’t want to miss it!

  • On February 9th Pastor Jon Schelkoph will join us for a Parenting Tune-Up called ‘Bringing Them Up’ the key passage is Ephesians 6:4. I’m very excited to hear what God has for us through Pastor Jon! Be sure to mark your calendars & sign up!

Can’t wait to see you all this Sunday at 10am!

God bless,


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