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Good Day Coulee Rockers!

Another week of cold, snow and ice, and the good news is that spring is coming! I'm recalling a few years back when we had 60's in mid February.

A few things to note:

- Parenting Tune-Up tomorrow from 8:30-3 @ the building

> looking forward to spending time with Pastor Schelkoph and many of you!

- Sunday Service with worship & marriage series (Hand in Hand) focus

> awesome chance to learn about having a deeper marriage!

- Children's Museum Night on 3/8

> Pizza, Fun, & Free...doesn't get much better than that!

> Great opportunity to invite friends/neighbors/coworkers

- Worship & Prayer Night on 3/10

> 4-530, childcare provided, save the date!

Have a great weekend,

Pastor Lance

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