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Money Matters - Part 2

Hello People of the Rock!

I've very excited to be with you all this Sunday. Hopefully we have better weather this weekend than we did last weekend!

The Children's Museum Night is March 8th. We still have lots of room for more people so let's get inviting! We don't want our neighbors & coworkers to miss out on this fun event! Free Pizza, free play for the kids, and fellowship for everyone!

Out next Prayer & Worship Night is just around the corner on Sunday, March 10th! This has been a really sweet time & I'm excited for what's planned. 4:00pm-5:30pm. There is childcare provided.

Also, mark your calendars for Church Spring Clean-Up. Saturday, April 6 from 8am - Noon. If we can't have fun cleaning what can we have fun with? :)

This Sunday we're finishing up our series called Money Matters. I understand there is something touchy about the topic of money & we tend to shy away from it. And yet, in many ways our lives revolve around it. In fact, Money is such a central element to life almost half the parables Jesus shared in the Gospels deal with money. I believe there is great wisdom & freedom shared in the Bible on this topic. Please join us Sunday at 10am.

God bless,


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