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James 1 - Christianity that works in the dirt!

Hey Coulee Rockers!

I hope you've had an encouraging week and have connected with our Heavenly Father in a deep way! For a variety of reasons, this week or thereabouts, has been outstanding for me personally. This has mostly developed, as I have shared with others what the Lord is doing in my life and some truths He has helped me camp on.

I'm also really looking forward to this evening!......We've booked the LaX Children's Museum and have over 100 people signed up to come hang out! Great work inviting friends, neighbors, coworkers and extended family members! IT will be a great time to connect relationally and if you haven't signed up, no worries, come anyhow!

This Sunday Pastor Peter will be kicking off a new series covering the book of James called "Christianity that works In the Dirt". I'm looking forward to better understanding the nuts and bolts of following Jesus in a real world kind of way. We will also see how this book offers hope and freedom in the midst of trials and persecution.

Lastly, don't forget about Worship & Prayer on Sunday afternoon at 4pm!

Enjoy the Day,

Pastor Lance

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