James 3 - Christianity the works in the dirt

Coulee Rock!

I hope you've had a superb week and have gotten a chance to take in some spring! Our family was able to see the bluebirds at our house which was fun. Eli and I also had a great trip to northern Kentucky where we visited the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter. It was a special father-son adventure and I'd highly recommend it to everyone. It helped me piece together some things that I incorrectly learned while studying Geology/Old Earth at college.

I hope you can join us this Sunday as we continue to unpack the book of James! Pastor Peter has done an awesome job helping us better understand not only the text/background, but also how to live for God.

On a related note, I've recently been struck with the idea that daily, we have the choice to "Make it a Great Day". Similarly, we make daily choices in how we live for God. I'd encourage you to think about these choices and how they affect our days.

Make it a Great Day!


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