Palm Sunday: Enter the King!

Good Day Coulee Rock!

Today, right now, I'm choosing thankfulness despite the weather and things in my life that aren't great. Will you join me in choosing to be thankful as well?

Recently, I've been challenged, that each day we have the option and opportunity to choose how we want to navigate the day regarding attitude and perspective.

I'd also like to invite you to join us this Sunday @ 10am. Pastor Peter will be starting a new series for Easter called Enter the King. Here's the preview for Peter's message:

With the benefit of over 2,000 years of hindsight, it can be easy to miss the shocking & unexpected heart of God revealed as Jesus enters Jerusalem on what we call Palm Sunday. This Sunday we'll explore the Scriptures to reveal the peace, so revolutionary, even the disciples admit they missed the depth of what Jesus was doing. We'll celebrate the bold declaration Jesus made traveling down the road on a donkey, and marvel at the comfort he offers despite the suffering He was about to endure.

Have a great Weekend and see you Sunday,


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