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People of Acts: Paul & A beautiful weekend to worship!

Hey Everyone,

I hope you've been enjoying this incredible weather we've been having! This week my family borrowed a couple canoes (one from Dave & one from Lance, thanks men!) & took our kids out on a canoes/kayaks for the first time. What a blast! I love the serenity of the water. It reminds me of the peace God created for us!

On Sunday we'll continue our series The People of Acts by looking at Paul. As we read through the book of Acts we see a major turning point in chapter 9 where Paul believes in Jesus Christ as his personal Lord & Savior. Prior to this, Acts has focused on how God was working through the Apostles to reach the Jewish people. After chapter 9 Acts pivots and quickly begins to focus on how God works through Paul to share the love of God with the Gentiles. I encourage you to read chapter 9, paying specific attention to the loving care God shows Paul in his conversion.

A couple of things to note on your calendar:

  • Fall Conference is just around the corner (Sept 20-21)! Pastor Rob Gerber will be our special guest & will share how God has lead him through a desert season & how that has affected him & grown him. Be sure to clear your calendars for September won't want to miss it!

  • Sundae Sunday is Sept. 1! This is my kid's favorite Sunday all year!

  • We have a Men's Golf Outing planned for Sept 7th. No talent required (I made sure of that, or else I wouldn't be allowed to attend) simply come & enjoy to the fellowship & beauty of God's creation. Be sure to sign up in the foyer at church so we have enough food afterward. If you have any questions ask Ryan Schmidt.

Looking forward to worshiping our great Father together on Sunday.

God bless,


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