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Only a Child will save us!

Hey Coulee Rock friends!

I hope you’ve had a great weekend thus far. For our family, Chrissy and Vera enjoyed some “girl” time at the Christmas Connect this morning while the rest of us were at LAX Archery with Kicking Bear....shooting bows and learning about having a relationship with Jesus. It was sweet time of fellowship, fun, and food. I also wanted to invite you to join us tomorrow at 10am for the same..... fellowship, fun, and food (well at least some snacks) along with God's word being taught. Pastor Dave will begin a new series as we get ready for Christmas. Looking ahead, 12-15 is the Children’s Christmas program, 12-24 we will have a Christmas Eve service, and on Sunday 12/29 bring your holiday leftovers for a potluck after we do a Celebration Sunday service. On December 29th, we will celebrate how God's been at work and also look ahead to 2020. Enjoy your Saturday, Lance

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