Worship & Prayer and other fun stuff :)

Hello People of the Rock,

My family & I are still riding high after attending the Fusion Conference in Wisconsin Dells last weekend. It was a fantastic time of worship & connecting with other Christians from our sister churches from all over the Midwest. Mike & Emily will share on Sunday how God blessed them through the conference!

Tonight is our Prayer & Worship Night! Personally, I think these times have been a highlight for me in 2019 & I can't wait to see how God moves & reveals Himself to us in 2020 as we gather together to worship Him & pray. May I challenge you to join us tonight at 6 pm? There is something special about being together to pray to the All-Power God knowing He's listening!

The Men's Breakfast is just around the corner. Saturday, January 25th from 7-8:30 am. You won't want to miss this as Phil will share our vision for a regular Men's group!

I'm also really looking forward to our Marriage Conference February 7 & 8th at Coulee Rock. We're teaming with our sister churches in Rochester & Eau Claire so this should be a really fun time! These conferences are always good & wonderfully encouraging as we invest in each other & our marriages. There are brochures under the cross for more information.

This Sunday we'll continue our series "Lord, teach us to pray." and we'll begin to dig into the book of Psalms. Psalms teaches us to pray through imitation & response, it supercharges our ability to dive deeply into our hearts. All this leads to a deeper, more intimate understanding of who God is & His heart for us as we draw closer to Him. Prayer, & using the Psalms as a master teacher, has transformed my life. I hope you can join us as we attempt to peel back the layers to reveal God & His heart even more deeply through a passionate prayer life. See you Sunday at 10 am!

God bless,


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