God is for you!

Hello People of the Rock,

I was very encouraged by Psalm 56 today where it says "This I know: God is for me." what an encouragement, despite my circumstances God is for me. I hope we're all resting in the truth that God is for us, He loves us, & is there when we pray & cry out to Him. I shared a little more about how it struck me on facebook you're welcome to watch here (no need for a Facebook account).

Hopefully, you saw Colleen's email earlier today about the app we'll be using for Prayer & Praises called Slack. We have been using it for some time for other church business & it's been really helpful. I'm excited to use it to pray together. Coulee Rock is a church of prayer, filled with men & women of prayer. I encourage all of you to email colleen (ctoltzman@couleerock.com) & request access. Then download the app & begin sharing so we can all pray & celebrate together. I love our church family!

Finally, this Sunday is our 5th Sunday Celebration Sunday! Although some of our plans have changed I'm excited for you to hear some of the AWESOME testimonies we've been gathering. God's hand is powerfully at work in the lives of many in our church & it's so cool to hear people share how He's moving, molding & making us into the men & women He's created us to be. I promise you won't want to miss it! We'll stream it live at 10am on our facebook page (facebook.com/Coulee.Rock) & we'll also have it on the church's website (couleerock.com) under the menu heading "Online Services". We also have a bit of a secret we'll be revealing on Sunday...you won't want to miss it!

God bless,


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