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Palm Sunday

Dear Coulee Rocker,

I miss not seeing or being with you all in person. But I have been so thankful for the “touches” we have been able to have via the internet. These connections have been a wonderful source of encouragement and hope.

I have attached two articles that are well worth reading. The first one is entitled “Responding to Pandemics: 4 Lessons from Church History” from “The Gospel Coalition”. It outlines some ways that the church responded to plagues in various crisis periods in history. I was challenged by the article to seek the glory of God, serve people and not just focus on “self-preservation” though this pandemic period.

The second article is entitled “WHAT DOES THE BIBLE TEACH ABOUT PESTILENCE, PLAGUES AND GLOBAL PANDEMICS?” written by Joel Rosenberg a Jewish / born again Christian author and speaker. In it, he lays out and analyzes the Scriptural references to plagues and pestilences and how God has used them to bring people to repentance. One question that came to my mind after reading it was, “Are we following the dictates and instructions from our government to help stem this virus outbreak but not following the instructions of our great God. He is the One who sends and removes pestilences? We need to know what the Bible teaches and respond accordingly. It seems that the best thing we can do to stem this pandemic is confess our personal and national sins, repent, and cry out for grace and help to the Lord our God. But that mindset does not negate following the practical guidelines given to us by our medical and civil authorities.

Please read today’s Faith’s Checkbook Devotional that Peter sends out. It is entitled “Sensitive to Warning”. It is totally appropriate of our current situation under this plague of the corona virus.

I hope that you can turn in to our second live streamed service this April 5th, Sunday at 10 am. The Runnoe family will bless us as they lead us in worship on this Palm Sunday. I have recorded a message on Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem and its significance to our lives. It will also be posted online so that you can watch at a convenient time. You can also invite people to watch and listen who may be getting stirred to seek God during this time of uncertainty.

Pastor Peter has worked very hard the last few weeks to help provide shepherding, encouragement and hope through the church during this time of difficulty. I hope that you appreciate his good work. This week we had an offering of $3518. You guys are awesome! Have a great “Stayed at Home” weekend.

Pastor Dave

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